Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Costume

This past Saturday was Halloween. One of my friends was having a Halloween party and you had to dress up. At first I was going to be Tiger Woods because I get a lot of people saying I look Like him but that all changed one day at work. I was talking to my roommate at work one day and he told me that he and his friend wanted to be the characters from the movie Bad Boys. When he said that I asked him, why don't we go as the characters from the Miami Vice tv show. Since I'm black and he's white I thought it would a good combination.
Being James Crockett and Ricardo Tubbs sounded easy enough but it was finding all the right accessories to go with the outfit. Ricardo Tubbs wore nice suits, so I decided to go with my black slacks with a light blue button-up shirt. My roommate wore a lime green v-neck t-shirt with some khaki pants. We both wore white belts and topped it off with some jewelry. The items that set it apart were the BB gun and shoulder gun holster we bought from Academy. We also wore sunglasses too. We couldn't find any police badges, so we had to do with those.
We knew we had a good theme going on with Crockett and Tubbs but we wanted to do more so we got and burned the theme song. My roommate had a little boom box so we thought we'd take it with us so people could get the full effect of our costumes. We didn't tell anybody what are costumes were so everybody would be surprised. After hearing what people were going to be for Halloween, I knew ours would be original and different. Everything came together that night and the entrance was pretty bad-ass, we even did it twice for people to see. It turned out to be a crazy Halloween party.

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