Sunday, August 30, 2009

My first accident!

Last Thursday I was in my first car accident. I was on my way to work, around 5:30, taking a different route on I-240. The rain was just letting up and I needed to get off on the the Walker exit. I was in the far left lane carefully inching my way to the right exit lane. As I got in the right lane the car in front of me suddenly put on its breaks, the roads were very slick from the rain, so I slammed on mine almost hitting him. For a split second I thought I was safe, narrowly missing his back bumper, not realizing that the car behind me would not have the same fate as me.
The 1994 yellow Mustang hit the side of my back bumper. I knew I was going to hit something, I just didn't think someone was going to hit me. When I checked my rear-view mirror I noticed three young girls getting out the car, all in a state of shock. As I got out of my car all three girls were in tears and on their cell-phone. I went over and asked them were they okay, each girl seemed fine, so I got on my phone and called 911. The highway patrol had already been notified and already on their way. My second phone call was to my job because I knew I was going be late to work or either not make it at all. My manager was cool about it and I reassured her that I was okay. As I looked at the damage of both cars, I realized that the damage to my car wasn't that bad but her car looked like it would probably need some major work.
When the highway patrolman came I was relieved that we could finally get this accident mess going and I could finally get to work. As the patrolman asked me what happened I told him my side of the story and then he asked for my license and proof of insurance. As I gave him that information he noticed my out of date car tag, which should have been renewed in January. By the grace of God, he gave he a warning and went and went to get the girls information. When he was walking away from me, the whole time I was thinking he could have taken me to jail and impounded my car.
After everything got sorted out he sent me on my way with the information I needed to file a claim with my insurance company, now I'm just setting hear trying to figure out what to do with this information since I've never been in an accident before!