Monday, November 30, 2009

Another Good Day

I got tickets to the Thunder game this past Sunday from a good friend. Its was suppose to be a group thing but he couldn't get enough, so he gave them to me. I always wanted to go to a game with my Dad so I decided to take him and make it a father/son outing. This was my first Thunder game but his second, when I told him, he was very excited and started making plans for the whole day. As the day approached, I had set schedule to attend to for our busy father/son day.
We were to meet at Spaghetti Warehouse at 3 p.m. down in Bricktown, where to my surprise he wasn't alone. He told before that a couple of his friends were going to the game as well. I knew of this but I didn't think that they would be going to dinner with us. I wasn't upset or anything but I just thought it was gonna be me and Dad. The food was great, I had Chicken Parmigiana because that's what usually get when I go to an Italian restaurant.
After dinner we all went to Maker's cigar and piano lounge, where I've been several times but it's my dads usual hangout. I was ready for the game so I really didn't care if we went or not but we had some time to kill so we went anyways. It was a cold day so we all Irish Coffee which was very good. I got a couple of phone calls from friends saying they were going to the game as well, so I'd probably see some people I knew.
The game started off good but in the end we lost, which sucked but I had a blast going to my first Thunder game with my Dad.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Good Day

Today was a good day. The night before I was in Bricktown for a birthday party, so this morning I woke up with a little headache. I promised my dad that I would go to church with him since I haven't been in awhile. It was cold enough to bring out my new pea coat so I wore that with some slacks and a white polo shirt. Church was enjoyable, I saw alot of people I hadn't seen in awhile and after church my dad and I went to Cattleman's Steakhouse some of his friends. I got a ribeye, salad and baked potato, best meal I had in awhile.
During all this I had a lot on my mind. This past weekend was very interesting. I was in the company of two beautiful girls that I'm very attracted to. I don't know how this will play out but it's kept my mind off of other things and feeling good. Another thing that I'm excited about is it's almost Thanksgiving break which means I get a little break from school and start making some extra cash at work.
But not everything is exciting, a good friend of mine is moving to Florida at the end of this month so where having a little party at Skky Bar Tuesday night. It should be a crazy going away party because if you know me then you know that I can get pretty crazy at Skky, plus I don't have to wake up early and go to class. Only thing is I work a double Wednesday, but I'm not worried I've stayed out late and then woke up the next morning to handle business.
So I guess this week will be a very interesting week, since I've got family coming in town and just having fun on this Thanksgiving break, it should be very interesting.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Back Then....

As I was watching this movie called The Wood, it reminded me of how I use to act when I was in high school. It's about three friends who reminisce about them growing up in high school. I must admit, I'm totally different then what I was in back then (high school). Even though I'm only six years removed from high school, I still remember those crazy days. I use to wear shirts two sizes to big for me and pants that were baggy. My dad use to tell me that people aren't gonna take you seriously when you wear stuff like that, at that time in my life I never listened. I was always good at making friends but I use to follow the crowd.
I can remember the bus rides to and from school. Mostly all my friends had cars and at the time I had my license but car. What sucks was the fact that as a sophomore I still didn't have a car so I could get rides from school but what sucked was going to school, waiting out in the cold waiting for a bus, it really sucked!
As far as girls, I felt like I had a little game but my game worked different from my friends. They were the types that could go up to random girls and start mackin'. I on the other hand was a slow starter, who tried to get to know the girl first. I had girlfriends but at that time I just couldn't settle down. Even now I know of a few guys who are either married or engaged to their high school sweethearts.
From what I was in high school to who I am now, I do feel like I changed for the better. I felt like I was one of the lucky few that grew up. I wouldn't change anything back then, maybe being a better student, but I have fond memories of my old high school days.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Costume

This past Saturday was Halloween. One of my friends was having a Halloween party and you had to dress up. At first I was going to be Tiger Woods because I get a lot of people saying I look Like him but that all changed one day at work. I was talking to my roommate at work one day and he told me that he and his friend wanted to be the characters from the movie Bad Boys. When he said that I asked him, why don't we go as the characters from the Miami Vice tv show. Since I'm black and he's white I thought it would a good combination.
Being James Crockett and Ricardo Tubbs sounded easy enough but it was finding all the right accessories to go with the outfit. Ricardo Tubbs wore nice suits, so I decided to go with my black slacks with a light blue button-up shirt. My roommate wore a lime green v-neck t-shirt with some khaki pants. We both wore white belts and topped it off with some jewelry. The items that set it apart were the BB gun and shoulder gun holster we bought from Academy. We also wore sunglasses too. We couldn't find any police badges, so we had to do with those.
We knew we had a good theme going on with Crockett and Tubbs but we wanted to do more so we got and burned the theme song. My roommate had a little boom box so we thought we'd take it with us so people could get the full effect of our costumes. We didn't tell anybody what are costumes were so everybody would be surprised. After hearing what people were going to be for Halloween, I knew ours would be original and different. Everything came together that night and the entrance was pretty bad-ass, we even did it twice for people to see. It turned out to be a crazy Halloween party.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Tuesday Night for St. Judes

Every year around this time Chili's has their annual St. Judes fundraiser. We try and get guest to donate money for St. Judes Children's Hospital. We usually have t-shirts and key chains people can buy or they can just donate. Usually each Chili's has a big fundraising event. This year our event was at Dan McGuiness Pub , where we had a live cover band and drink specials. People could donate at the door come in and enjoy good music.
It was a large number of people that came out, even servers and managers from different Chili's came out to celebrate. I wasn't going to go because I had to work but I was conivced to go. I'm glad I went though, I was in good company and got to drink with managers. I remember teaching some girls some of my famous dance moves and joking around with them. I got to try some fried pickles for the first time, which didn't taste all that good to me.
Eventhough this was an event for St. Judes, it turned out to be just another fun night at the bar. Some random person who knew bought everybody at the bar shots of Starry Nights which is Goldschlager and Jager, not the best tasting shot but you feel the affects later. As the bar was closing down, a goup of us decided to take the party to IHOP at around two in the morning. Only problem was Half of us were drunk.
I decided not to eat but needed some coffee to sober up. As I'm walking to the bathroom I walked by two stained glass windows that had the earth on them. One side had North and South America on it the other had the rest of the continents. As everybody was eating and talking , I studied this globe closer and noticed that Antartica was missing and I decided to tell our sever. I wrote my findings on a comment card.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Movies and Me

Have you ever watched a movie and realized that the movie you watched sort of symbolizes your life or a certain situation you were in?
Well today I was watching this particular movie, which I'm going to leave out the details and the name of the movie but I will say it is a romantic comedy. As I was watching this movie I realized that in some crazy way that this movie represented me. It was as if you could use my situation for a movie. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I've had plenty of LOVE situations that could be movies. I do consider myself a flirt and it has gotten me in to some trouble from time to time but I really consider myself a romantic as well.
In the movie there was a love triangle that involved a guy and two girls. Now I've had my far share of love triangles and they don't turn out nearly like what this guy had. The movie had roles reversed where the girl was the player and the guy felt used. It's funny because this guy, who was a player himself finally met his match and got wiped. Like any other Hollywood movie everything works out in the end.
As I look back, I realize that the movie was like some sort of guide on how not to be a player and fall in love. I'm not saying that I've been played before (maybe I have) but its about realizing the things you go through to find that special one. People do crazy things for love. I should know because two of my close friends went through some crazy situations to find it and so far it worked for them.

So as I look back on this romantic comedy, it shows me that sometimes Hollywood can get it right......sometimes!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Good Friday....Until!

This past Friday started off really good. I made some good money and after work I got to hang out with some good people. I worked a double and from the look of things my lunch shift was anything but good. A high school near by had an hour long extended lunch, with which our store was filled with high school kids that don't know to tip. I only had three tables, two of which were big tops filled with high school kids and only made a total of 14 dollars. Not a way to start off the day.
But I had high hopes for dinner because Friday nights are our busiest night. I knew I'd get pretty tired through out the night so I invested in an energy drink that got me through the night. Besides making some good money on my night shift, I was in good company of friends from work, who made the shift exciting and fun. As the night was ending everybody was asking what everybody was gonna do after work. As usual we all decided on Buffalo Wing Wings, where we usually always go after work to hang-out.
It was about 15 of us that went out there. It just so happened that the girl I either still am talking to or was talking to was working that night. Everything was going well, we were drinking, laughing, telling jokes, and having a good time. Now I'm a very flirtatious person and it didn't help that I was drunk too but I got myself in trouble with her by being that way. What happened was I hugged and kissed another girl that we knew on the forehead. Well she got pissed off at me and didn't want to talk to me, now I know I was in the wrong but really didn't mean anything by it, it was just a friendly kiss on the forehead.
Being me I tried to talk about it but she just was having it. Eventually we did but its been two days now and things seem different. So what started off as a good Friday night turned in to a disaster for me.