Friday, April 24, 2009


Hip-Hop to me is a culture, a style that is different than any other thing we see or listen to. Hip-Hop is a self-expression of yourself. It is a language that has grown on us over the years.

Five artist I've never heard of,
Some people may have heard of these artist before but I never have.......
1) Madcon
2) Bojofloja (Mexico)
3) Dorrough
4) Flobots
5) Souls Of Mischiefs

Five videos I have never seen before.
1) Pharcyde
- Runnin'
- The video uses different stereotype senerios. Basically its about how you cant keep running away from your from your past or problems.

2) Biz Markie
- Just a Friend
- Basically the premise of the video is how a guy finds a girl he likes and it just so happens that she's unfaithful to him, and she has a guy friend that she's actually cheating on him with.

3) Sugar Hill Gang
- Rappers Delight
- The video is just a feel good party at a little disco club. Everybody having a good time.

4) A Tribe Called Quest
- Check The Rhyme.
- Just some good old hip-hop. The video is just like a block party setting. Good rhymes!

5) The D.O.C
- Its Funky Enough
- The D.O.C was part of N.W.A. Typical video set in Oakland, early gangster rap.

Radio stations: Power 103.5, Wild 104.9

Other then the corporations you listed , I cant think of any others.

I think everything now has become or trying to become mainstream. With the corporations you listed earlier, they know that hip-hop is big. Even in what we say; slang is becoming more and more common in how we talk, with words such as bling and bootylicious and even the word gangster is now used in a different sense then what it means.

My Parents are from the old school. I grew up listening to their kind of music., stuff from the 60s' 70s' and 80s'
Al Green ( All-time Favorite) Classic R&B
Earth, Wind, Fire Funk
Prince Disco

I enjoyed this blog assignment by far the most. In doing this, you can see that hip-hop is evolving everyday, its an international culture now, with hip-hop growing from Mexico to China. I can see the early changes from hip-hop to how it is now. In watching and hearing artist I'd never knew, it kind pf opens your eyes to see how hip-hop is a big deal. Hip-Hop is not only music but its a business tht is used in a lot of what we see today whether in commercials, billboards, or movies. Hip-Hop has become a thing for all ages and races.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Minority Advertisement

Oklahoma Gazette: Print Media
Number of Ads- 98
Minorities in Ads/Ads - 5

At of all the ads the minority ones were that of restaurants, mainly Chinese Buffet. No ads featured minorities in it at all.

Entertainment Weekly: Print Media
Number of Ads- 9
Minorities in Ads/Ads- 0

No Ads featuring minorities at all. I picked this magazine because it was that of my roommates and It deals with the Entertainment Industry.

Reality TV: Making the Band- MTV- 8pm Tue
Number of Ads- 6
Minorities in Ads/Ads- 2

The Oklahoma Daily: Print Media
Number of Ads- 6
Minorities in Ads/Ads- 0

Im not that surprised that there are no minorities in any ads in the daily. Even though OU is pretty diverse, I dont think there is a big enough diversity in the paper for that.

The Midwest City Sun: Print Media
Number of Ads- 13
Minorities in Ads/Ads- 0

The Sun is a community paper with no ads of minorities at all. Though it features blacks in sports articles, it has no ads of diversity in the paper.

NCAA Basketball (NIT Tournament) ESPN 6pm
Number of Ads- 15
Minorities in Ads/Ads- 6

NBA Basketball (Cavaliers vs. Magic) ESPN Fri 7pm
Number of Ads- 10
Minorities in Ads/Ads- 2

Im really not that surprised about the lack of diversity in ads. It's what the reading talked about, A majority of ads have minorities in the background and if it is an ad featuring minorities its associated with alcohol, food and cars. I feel like a majority of the time people dont want to see minorities because the feel like if they cant relate to them then they cant relate to the product. I dont think things will ever change in these situation as long as people have there issues about what they see.