Sunday, September 27, 2009

Movies and Me

Have you ever watched a movie and realized that the movie you watched sort of symbolizes your life or a certain situation you were in?
Well today I was watching this particular movie, which I'm going to leave out the details and the name of the movie but I will say it is a romantic comedy. As I was watching this movie I realized that in some crazy way that this movie represented me. It was as if you could use my situation for a movie. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I've had plenty of LOVE situations that could be movies. I do consider myself a flirt and it has gotten me in to some trouble from time to time but I really consider myself a romantic as well.
In the movie there was a love triangle that involved a guy and two girls. Now I've had my far share of love triangles and they don't turn out nearly like what this guy had. The movie had roles reversed where the girl was the player and the guy felt used. It's funny because this guy, who was a player himself finally met his match and got wiped. Like any other Hollywood movie everything works out in the end.
As I look back, I realize that the movie was like some sort of guide on how not to be a player and fall in love. I'm not saying that I've been played before (maybe I have) but its about realizing the things you go through to find that special one. People do crazy things for love. I should know because two of my close friends went through some crazy situations to find it and so far it worked for them.

So as I look back on this romantic comedy, it shows me that sometimes Hollywood can get it right......sometimes!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Good Friday....Until!

This past Friday started off really good. I made some good money and after work I got to hang out with some good people. I worked a double and from the look of things my lunch shift was anything but good. A high school near by had an hour long extended lunch, with which our store was filled with high school kids that don't know to tip. I only had three tables, two of which were big tops filled with high school kids and only made a total of 14 dollars. Not a way to start off the day.
But I had high hopes for dinner because Friday nights are our busiest night. I knew I'd get pretty tired through out the night so I invested in an energy drink that got me through the night. Besides making some good money on my night shift, I was in good company of friends from work, who made the shift exciting and fun. As the night was ending everybody was asking what everybody was gonna do after work. As usual we all decided on Buffalo Wing Wings, where we usually always go after work to hang-out.
It was about 15 of us that went out there. It just so happened that the girl I either still am talking to or was talking to was working that night. Everything was going well, we were drinking, laughing, telling jokes, and having a good time. Now I'm a very flirtatious person and it didn't help that I was drunk too but I got myself in trouble with her by being that way. What happened was I hugged and kissed another girl that we knew on the forehead. Well she got pissed off at me and didn't want to talk to me, now I know I was in the wrong but really didn't mean anything by it, it was just a friendly kiss on the forehead.
Being me I tried to talk about it but she just was having it. Eventually we did but its been two days now and things seem different. So what started off as a good Friday night turned in to a disaster for me.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Working a double on Saturday

I've worked plenty of doubles in my life but this past Saturday was by far one of the worst. First of all, we had a mandatory employee meeting at 7:30am which sucked because usually are meetings last about two hours so I knew I wouldn't be able to go back to sleep and I started my double at 12pm, plus It didn't help that the night before I went out. As far as the meeting went, we got to have a good breakfast, but still lacking sleep from the night before. After leaving the meeting all I had time for was a shower and then ready for work. The day started off slow until we got are lunch rush which was pretty steady never going on a wait. I was in a four table section with a large eight top booth, which ever server in the store hates.
My first table I had, the lady asked me to wipe off the seat next to her because it was sticky which I did but she never put anything in that seat so I was like seriously, I figured then it was gonna be one of those days. As the my lunch shift progressed I started to get tired, the ticket times were long, and I had a young couple around my age stiff me! This is what the restaurant business is about crappy tips and rude people. My lunch shift, I ended up with 39 bucks in only three in a half hours of work. I didn't have a break because I decided to work straight through since I had to be on for my dinner shift immediately after lunch.
At night I had a five table section but I knew we weren't gonna be that busy because of the OU game. I downed an energy drink someone bought for me and felt revived, even to the extent that when I burnt my finger on a hot skillet I brushed it off and went about my business, until later when the pain was to much to handle. I ended up making 69 bucks off of 17 tables at night and making a grand total of 108 bucks all day which I wasn't to happy about. It didn't help either that after I was off the store got busy and other severs made more than I totaled in one shift.

Oh how I love working doubles on Saturday!