Sunday, September 13, 2009

Working a double on Saturday

I've worked plenty of doubles in my life but this past Saturday was by far one of the worst. First of all, we had a mandatory employee meeting at 7:30am which sucked because usually are meetings last about two hours so I knew I wouldn't be able to go back to sleep and I started my double at 12pm, plus It didn't help that the night before I went out. As far as the meeting went, we got to have a good breakfast, but still lacking sleep from the night before. After leaving the meeting all I had time for was a shower and then ready for work. The day started off slow until we got are lunch rush which was pretty steady never going on a wait. I was in a four table section with a large eight top booth, which ever server in the store hates.
My first table I had, the lady asked me to wipe off the seat next to her because it was sticky which I did but she never put anything in that seat so I was like seriously, I figured then it was gonna be one of those days. As the my lunch shift progressed I started to get tired, the ticket times were long, and I had a young couple around my age stiff me! This is what the restaurant business is about crappy tips and rude people. My lunch shift, I ended up with 39 bucks in only three in a half hours of work. I didn't have a break because I decided to work straight through since I had to be on for my dinner shift immediately after lunch.
At night I had a five table section but I knew we weren't gonna be that busy because of the OU game. I downed an energy drink someone bought for me and felt revived, even to the extent that when I burnt my finger on a hot skillet I brushed it off and went about my business, until later when the pain was to much to handle. I ended up making 69 bucks off of 17 tables at night and making a grand total of 108 bucks all day which I wasn't to happy about. It didn't help either that after I was off the store got busy and other severs made more than I totaled in one shift.

Oh how I love working doubles on Saturday!

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