Sunday, September 27, 2009

Movies and Me

Have you ever watched a movie and realized that the movie you watched sort of symbolizes your life or a certain situation you were in?
Well today I was watching this particular movie, which I'm going to leave out the details and the name of the movie but I will say it is a romantic comedy. As I was watching this movie I realized that in some crazy way that this movie represented me. It was as if you could use my situation for a movie. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I've had plenty of LOVE situations that could be movies. I do consider myself a flirt and it has gotten me in to some trouble from time to time but I really consider myself a romantic as well.
In the movie there was a love triangle that involved a guy and two girls. Now I've had my far share of love triangles and they don't turn out nearly like what this guy had. The movie had roles reversed where the girl was the player and the guy felt used. It's funny because this guy, who was a player himself finally met his match and got wiped. Like any other Hollywood movie everything works out in the end.
As I look back, I realize that the movie was like some sort of guide on how not to be a player and fall in love. I'm not saying that I've been played before (maybe I have) but its about realizing the things you go through to find that special one. People do crazy things for love. I should know because two of my close friends went through some crazy situations to find it and so far it worked for them.

So as I look back on this romantic comedy, it shows me that sometimes Hollywood can get it right......sometimes!

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