Friday, April 24, 2009


Hip-Hop to me is a culture, a style that is different than any other thing we see or listen to. Hip-Hop is a self-expression of yourself. It is a language that has grown on us over the years.

Five artist I've never heard of,
Some people may have heard of these artist before but I never have.......
1) Madcon
2) Bojofloja (Mexico)
3) Dorrough
4) Flobots
5) Souls Of Mischiefs

Five videos I have never seen before.
1) Pharcyde
- Runnin'
- The video uses different stereotype senerios. Basically its about how you cant keep running away from your from your past or problems.

2) Biz Markie
- Just a Friend
- Basically the premise of the video is how a guy finds a girl he likes and it just so happens that she's unfaithful to him, and she has a guy friend that she's actually cheating on him with.

3) Sugar Hill Gang
- Rappers Delight
- The video is just a feel good party at a little disco club. Everybody having a good time.

4) A Tribe Called Quest
- Check The Rhyme.
- Just some good old hip-hop. The video is just like a block party setting. Good rhymes!

5) The D.O.C
- Its Funky Enough
- The D.O.C was part of N.W.A. Typical video set in Oakland, early gangster rap.

Radio stations: Power 103.5, Wild 104.9

Other then the corporations you listed , I cant think of any others.

I think everything now has become or trying to become mainstream. With the corporations you listed earlier, they know that hip-hop is big. Even in what we say; slang is becoming more and more common in how we talk, with words such as bling and bootylicious and even the word gangster is now used in a different sense then what it means.

My Parents are from the old school. I grew up listening to their kind of music., stuff from the 60s' 70s' and 80s'
Al Green ( All-time Favorite) Classic R&B
Earth, Wind, Fire Funk
Prince Disco

I enjoyed this blog assignment by far the most. In doing this, you can see that hip-hop is evolving everyday, its an international culture now, with hip-hop growing from Mexico to China. I can see the early changes from hip-hop to how it is now. In watching and hearing artist I'd never knew, it kind pf opens your eyes to see how hip-hop is a big deal. Hip-Hop is not only music but its a business tht is used in a lot of what we see today whether in commercials, billboards, or movies. Hip-Hop has become a thing for all ages and races.

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    A classic old school. Thanks for mentioning this. I had to go back.