Sunday, November 8, 2009

Back Then....

As I was watching this movie called The Wood, it reminded me of how I use to act when I was in high school. It's about three friends who reminisce about them growing up in high school. I must admit, I'm totally different then what I was in back then (high school). Even though I'm only six years removed from high school, I still remember those crazy days. I use to wear shirts two sizes to big for me and pants that were baggy. My dad use to tell me that people aren't gonna take you seriously when you wear stuff like that, at that time in my life I never listened. I was always good at making friends but I use to follow the crowd.
I can remember the bus rides to and from school. Mostly all my friends had cars and at the time I had my license but car. What sucks was the fact that as a sophomore I still didn't have a car so I could get rides from school but what sucked was going to school, waiting out in the cold waiting for a bus, it really sucked!
As far as girls, I felt like I had a little game but my game worked different from my friends. They were the types that could go up to random girls and start mackin'. I on the other hand was a slow starter, who tried to get to know the girl first. I had girlfriends but at that time I just couldn't settle down. Even now I know of a few guys who are either married or engaged to their high school sweethearts.
From what I was in high school to who I am now, I do feel like I changed for the better. I felt like I was one of the lucky few that grew up. I wouldn't change anything back then, maybe being a better student, but I have fond memories of my old high school days.

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