Monday, November 30, 2009

Another Good Day

I got tickets to the Thunder game this past Sunday from a good friend. Its was suppose to be a group thing but he couldn't get enough, so he gave them to me. I always wanted to go to a game with my Dad so I decided to take him and make it a father/son outing. This was my first Thunder game but his second, when I told him, he was very excited and started making plans for the whole day. As the day approached, I had set schedule to attend to for our busy father/son day.
We were to meet at Spaghetti Warehouse at 3 p.m. down in Bricktown, where to my surprise he wasn't alone. He told before that a couple of his friends were going to the game as well. I knew of this but I didn't think that they would be going to dinner with us. I wasn't upset or anything but I just thought it was gonna be me and Dad. The food was great, I had Chicken Parmigiana because that's what usually get when I go to an Italian restaurant.
After dinner we all went to Maker's cigar and piano lounge, where I've been several times but it's my dads usual hangout. I was ready for the game so I really didn't care if we went or not but we had some time to kill so we went anyways. It was a cold day so we all Irish Coffee which was very good. I got a couple of phone calls from friends saying they were going to the game as well, so I'd probably see some people I knew.
The game started off good but in the end we lost, which sucked but I had a blast going to my first Thunder game with my Dad.

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