Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Things on my mind

Yesterday was the first day of Race, Gender, and the Media class. This class seems very interesting dealing with topics people know about but dont want to talk about. I hope this class touches deeply on these issues. Seeing that I am of a different race, I hope we will be able to talk about race and gender in the media. No matter where you turn, you are always influenced by media.
This past Sunday was the Super Bowl, though I was not thrilled about the game, what I was excited about were the commercials. This years bunch were, to me very weak. My favorites were the previews for upcoming movies: G.I. Joe's, Fast and Furious and Transformers 2. This year, I thought that a lot of the commercials, though pointless, were not as sexist as they have been in the past. From what I remember there weren't any commercial dealt with any race/color. What I mean is that most or all of them dealt with the majority not minority. My least favorite were the Budweiser commercials with the horses, to me they made no sense at all. None really stood out, in all the were OK!
This month is such a wonderful month, not only is it Black History month and Valentines Day in February, but my birthday is during this month. I will be turning 24 years old and I know 24 isn't a milestone but I love going to birthday parties and having them. This year a lot of people will be coming (so far). I will say this, I love to party and have a good time!
In all I'm looking forward to a good semester in this class and a good birthday. I'm pretty sure I'm going to enjoy myself in class.

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